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Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

Face it, space exploration and colonisation are rather distant activities. Asgardia is a great idea, but to say it's currently in the early stages is an understatement. If you're truly interested in this stuff, why not have your body cryonically preserved when you die? There's a decent chance science ...

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 14:51 UTC

It will happen, and a lot of progress has been made. First, cryopreservants used minimise the formation of crystals, as done the fast freezing.

Work is being done to use cryopreservation for organ donation.

The Cryonics Institute has a ...

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC


You are referring to Faye Valentine and the my funny valentine session


I rather doubt that science is anywhere near having that capability, the cryogenic process freezes the water in your body producing ice crystals that, damage your cells effectively killing ...

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

In a sci-fi anime show, Cowboy Bebop , one of the main characters gets cryogenically preserved and awakened fifty years later.

The lab who ressurect her then ask that she pays the resuscitation fees.

She spends the rest of her life with a ...

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