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Feb 25, 03 / Feb 22, 19 23:27 UTC

Here is my post:

Human Nature, Competition, Employment, and Housing within a Resource Based Economy

Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

Dec 15, 02 / Dec 17, 18 19:08 UTC

Here is my new post:

The Continuum of Socialism, an Explanation

I am writing this post to help people understand:

  • * why there is so much confusion and such a ...
Dec 16, 02 / Dec 18, 18 15:31 UTC
The problem with socialism isnt the propaganda, its the fact of the amount of times it was implemented or used. Yet the country it was implemented in rather failed or resulted in poverty and suffering. On paper its a good idea, but in fact the system fails over and over. ...
Oct 27, 02 / Nov 3, 18 00:01 UTC

Here is my new blog post:

Continuum of Capitalism, an Explanation

For the purposes of this conversation, it does NOT matter who controls the industry or production whether its CEOs and managers or if ...

Nov 23, 02 / Nov 27, 18 12:59 UTC
Please visit my blog and my thread in the forum section ASGARDIA Science and technology , the theme of a Parallel world . / forum / forum/science-and-technology-176/
Oct 11, 02 / Oct 18, 18 20:47 UTC

My post: Alien Conspiracies has gone live:

My next post is titled:

Why you need to vote in EVERY… single… election!


Oct 10, 02 / Oct 17, 18 18:50 UTC
My new post: Religion, an Overview

My new post: Religion, an Overview:

My next post which is due out tomorrow at the same time is: Alien Conspiracies?

Oct 2, 02 / Oct 9, 18 14:08 UTC

I will be running a facilitated discussion on Poverty on Fri, Oct 12 @ 6:45pm at our Yoga Studio which is just on the square here in Baraboo . Please share this to others who you think ...

Oct 2, 02 / Oct 9, 18 14:03 UTC

As I have stated on my new Patreon project I am planning on creating a class in our Yoga studio for conversations on political topics. Here is its description:

Transforming the World: Conversations on Social, Economic, Political, and Sustainable Policy

Oct 15, 02 / Oct 22, 18 11:33 UTC
Hi @James, If you wish to include a link to a personal fundraising site in the future, you may send us an email to prior to making your post. Please include, in the email, what you wish to link and the reasoning as to why the need to raise ...
Oct 13, 02 / Oct 20, 18 22:36 UTC
Alrighty, I assumed that our blogs were OK, since these were not i the general public. I assumed I had a personal right, within reason, to post what I like within my personal space. I would like an appeal of this, if I can. =)
Oct 11, 02 / Oct 18, 18 21:47 UTC
Hi James, I've had to remove the two patreon links as they were in breach of our code of conduct 4.c advertising: 4.c. Selling of goods / Advertising: Please don’t use this platform to sell or advertise material or services. Advertising is discouraged, yet may be permitted if discussed with ...
Sep 24, 02 / Oct 3, 18 18:25 UTC
How Do We Transform Unbridled Capitalism Towards a New Ethical and Eco-humanistic Model?

In reading, researching, and writing about a Resourced Based Economy (RBE) over the last year my complete view of the how the world is and how it could be has radically changed. This post will cover how businesses and entire industries could be transformed while attempting to make the ...

Sep 24, 02 / Oct 3, 18 18:23 UTC
Benefits of a Resource Based Economy for Industries and Businesses

In reading, researching, and writing about a Resourced Based Economy (RBE) over the last year my complete view of the how the world is and how it could be has radically changed. This post will cover how businesses and entire industries could be transformed while attempting to make the ...

Sep 12, 02 / Sep 21, 18 17:54 UTC
How will a Resource Based Economy work? What will it look like?

So, I had a Facebook conversation this weekend with someone who asked about Resource Based Economy (RBE) and how it would work, specifically asking about creation of products and getting access to resources, so I will spend some time talking about that and more for his and others’ benefit. ...

Jul 8, 02 / Jul 23, 18 20:26 UTC

I am releasing to the general public something I have been working on since December, which is a complete rewrite of the Asgardian Constitution. This work in many ways aggregates and distills over a decade of political and other thought to how we can create a government to change ...

Asg 25, 02 / Jul 12, 18 22:17 UTC

This post is really more for the information of others who are not sure what the Asgardian Calendar is or why it is this way. The Asgardian Calendar is the the International Fixed Calendar . I wrote a very large post on this so that everyone can ...

Jun 23, 02 / Jun 12, 18 13:46 UTC

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Everyone, if you do not know what the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ( Wikipedia Entry ) is then I would implore your to check it out. ...

Aug 26, 02 / Sep 7, 18 17:57 UTC
Which is why an educational program needs to be created - social engineering will be required to effectuate the change.
Aug 25, 02 / Sep 6, 18 19:00 UTC
As how it should be for everyone. But some don't have peace in their hearts.
Jun 24, 02 / Jun 13, 18 13:16 UTC
Yup! A very unfortunate necessity.
Jun 10, 02 / May 30, 18 17:10 UTC

Is there someone around who is quite knowledgeable about the budget and finance sections of the constitution mind explaining or elaborating the following 2 clauses for me:

"The Government shall ...

Jun 10, 02 / May 30, 18 17:49 UTC
I agree we all must contribute to Asgardia in our own way, even if we don't have money to donate; we can donate our time/labor to community projects.
Jun 10, 02 / May 30, 18 17:43 UTC
Obviously, you don't!! =) Enforcing it, is not so much the idea with that part as it is about stating that voluntary donations/taxation is a thing, which I think is important within the overall scheme of things.
Jun 10, 02 / May 30, 18 17:41 UTC
Ya how do you enforce voluntary taxation? I think they mean charity lol.
Jun 4, 02 / May 24, 18 14:54 UTC

Pursuant to a conversation on Facebook that was present on my post where I had announced that I had been summarily removed from office as MP and had been banned from holding office of any kind in Asgardia FOREVER, some of these are thoughts I have had in the ...

Jun 5, 02 / May 25, 18 13:11 UTC
WE can by demanding it. Like all progress that has been achieved in history, especially in the United States. We must acknowledge the iniquities and demand change. In the US: vacation days, sick time, workplace safety standards, child labor laws, 5 day work week, 8 hour work day were all ...
Jun 5, 02 / May 25, 18 08:26 UTC
you can't force NGO to create due process, but can create your own. you can't make NGO transparent, but you can create ANOTHER organization which will be transparent. You can't fix lack of equity in Asgardia, but you can create another entity with more equity. You can't do all that ...
Jun 4, 02 / May 24, 18 17:09 UTC
By pointing out the problems this also implies a solution i.e.: lack of due process - give due process; lack of transparency - create transparency; lack of equity - correct it. Perhaps a more focused answer would to have NGO, etc sit down and collect the supposed Asgardian values and ...
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Jun 1, 02 / May 21, 18 23:15 UTC
Jun 2, 02 / May 22, 18 16:48 UTC
I agree
Jun 2, 02 / May 22, 18 15:15 UTC
If you want something done right - do it yourself
Jun 2, 02 / May 22, 18 14:40 UTC
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