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Jan 16, 03 / Jan 16, 19 11:20 UTC

I was doing an experiment to make a turbine with sound, I discovered some things, but nothing else, was a failure,... but my neighbor had a cat, I found that 10,000 hertz kill fleas and leave a musical instrument, at least a guitar , perfectly tuned, if "she" is ...

Jan 11, 03 / Jan 11, 19 03:10 UTC

Of course the most important the rockets:

1: Eletric turbins

2: I just know, in teory, make rockets whith fuel, any kind, like our rockets today spend very litlle fuel, I tested, I won't say because somene will have the brilliant idea to test it ...

Dec 12, 02 / Dec 14, 18 04:31 UTC
The basic is this: it works ... maybe

No, she is not going to land whith the head, if you don't know what it is, sorry, is not to land, is to go up. putting fire in the air, or something like that, and, well, is guetting very cool, have another ideas, so, ... latter, and the ...

Dec 11, 02 / Dec 13, 18 21:53 UTC

Because you think again and ask yourself why you get the same or diferent answer.

Example of the 3 questions

In many cultures and philosophies are asked three questions to know the truth.

If you ...

Dec 11, 02 / Dec 13, 18 20:36 UTC

We don't have much ' time ', I know, T = V/D only that, anyway, it's a name we give to something composed of things like a Bolognese pasta, composed of flour, which is made of dirt that absorbs its nutrients from me when I turning ham ...

Dec 11, 02 / Dec 13, 18 01:13 UTC

I made a spaceship called Salamander that builds on turbines and a rocket and manufactures electricity when it comes back to the planet, almost a perpetual machine and I'm not going to tell you what it's like because the guy I just said how it works doesn't ...

Dec 9, 02 / Dec 11, 18 21:39 UTC

I did not translate into English because it has senses that may not be understood and is hard to explain and demand greater study of English for my part, sorry.


Sep 17, 02 / Sep 26, 18 12:34 UTC

The arrow can be diverted, the word can be understood right and the opportunity lost can be a problem you saved yourself from.

Diogo Erdtmann.

Aug 28, 02 / Sep 9, 18 18:18 UTC

Mayoral Elections

Olá, m eu nome é Diogo Erdtmann, ...

Sep 15, 02 / Sep 24, 18 01:30 UTC
Ok. now I have to post it, i will be crazy anyway, and nobody will understand it..
Sep 11, 02 / Sep 20, 18 18:56 UTC
Dimensions is variables os the variables, 4, that you combine 2 by two, but now, I starting to make a combination, as I said, long story ...
Sep 11, 02 / Sep 20, 18 18:45 UTC
in the reply, the reply place, I hope, my internet was in slow-motion: --> thank you <--: going to need, someone had entered in my computer, over and over again, I made an algorithm to discover things like that, present case, who was the hacker, it came in form of ...
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Aug 28, 02 / Sep 9, 18 10:24 UTC

Olá, m eu nome é Diogo Erdtmann, eu moro em Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil.


Asg 18, 02 / Jul 5, 18 02:48 UTC

Is very simple: why people need to complicate things, insted send robots to analize mars, send this one:

1-Analyze and find a less inhospitable place.

2-Analyze and find a mountain that has a solid rock.


Asg 12, 02 / Jun 29, 18 06:06 UTC
One reason why we should find another planet to live

I'm just thinking about humans. The understanding about what is important to survive, we think that asteroids, solar explosions, supernovas, black holes, etc, are in the movies, for me, everyone is equal and that's it, simple, but people fight for things like racism, gender superiority, etc. I ...

Apr 18, 02 / Apr 12, 18 01:22 UTC

Quando postei o poema, eu estava pensando em direito internacional e na ONU, e no ser humano que não quer deixar este planeta como se Deus fosse nos salvar de um planeta que vai explodir ... uma hora ou outra, e Deus nos salvou mesmo, nos deu inteligência, é ...

Apr 18, 02 / Apr 12, 18 01:03 UTC

Gosto muito de um poema, estava pensando em Asgardia e me lembrei ... é sobre esperança

Autor: William Butter Yeats

Minha tradução.

Fossem meus os tecidos bordados dos céus,

Ornamentados com luz dourada e prateada, ...

Mar 16, 02 / Mar 13, 18 18:08 UTC

A little more details, far away from the details.

Mayoral Elections Olá, m eu nome é Diogo Erdtmann, eu moro em Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Vou ser bem breve no que tenho a falar. Preciso de sua confiança e voto para fazer parte do governo como prefeito de Asgardia em Florianópolis. Sou Graduado em Direito, advogado, com maior propensão ...
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