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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

Apr 17, 02 / Apr 11, 18 10:19 UTC

So this is my private account ID on INSTAGRAM.


May 24, 02 / May 16, 18 11:12 UTC
😊درود از آشناییتون خوشحالم
May 20, 02 / May 12, 18 16:57 UTC
ممنون منم خوشحال میشم بیشتر آشنا بشم باهاتون، و همچنین نیازمند رای شما هستن
May 3, 02 / Apr 25, 18 21:28 UTC
You're welcome! 😊
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Mar 23, 02 / Mar 20, 18 00:23 UTC

Every universe is physical and sensible while you live continuous at; in such condition a parallel universe to the universe that we live at may seem metaphysical but every universe is physical and sensible while you live continuous at.

Apr 20, 02 / Apr 14, 18 02:18 UTC
I could contact myself in other universe, was not a dream, my body feels as an efervecent pill while i get back, just a universe bug maby, i feel like the other universe was with less materia, and the feelings were more, but in fact due the materia was less, ...
Apr 17, 02 / Apr 11, 18 10:27 UTC
Yeah, It might look sefish but It's a fact for everyone. The world is yours!
Apr 16, 02 / Apr 10, 18 18:19 UTC
согласен--каждая Вселенная физически и разумна, пока вы живете непрерывно.
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