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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

Jul 8, 02 / Jul 23, 18 09:57 UTC
Ban censorship

And there we have it, I am triggered again.

I see quite a few posts that appear to me like junk,... posts and threads that became utterly irrelevant, that at least should be archived so people ( probably those that are at least as slightly lazy as ...

Jul 6, 02 / Jul 21, 18 10:16 UTC
Aspire for,... less

*** Reads all statements,... stands up applauding while shaking head ***

Too often I think to myself: "What a great group of dreamers." A beautiful dream has emerged that became an idea that is now known as Asgardia. Yes, very harsh to ...

Jul 7, 02 / Jul 22, 18 07:04 UTC
Interesting theories. But as long as nothing of that seems to be proven, I would prefer you making these statements with a prefix of: " It is my utmost believe,..." or something similar. Everyone is entitled of his/her opinion of course. But without good reasoning and/or irrevocable proof, these come ...
Jul 6, 02 / Jul 21, 18 22:02 UTC
The military branch of NASA has a secret base on the moon. Plus there is the more classified base (owned by the Corporations/Cabal) called the Lunar Operational Command Center (LOC for short). Plus there are many different types of extraterrestrials that own different parts of the moon.
Jul 6, 02 / Jul 21, 18 11:31 UTC
Lmao I second the king part lmao
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Jul 4, 02 / Jul 19, 18 07:31 UTC
A frozen community.

Space is a cold place with hot surfaces. As we have Asgardia mainly in the virtual space, there is not a lot of surface exposed to any light and hence it is quite frozen it seems.

Only now I discovered some really interesting petitions at the

Jul 6, 02 / Jul 21, 18 18:37 UTC
Would love to join ;)
Jul 5, 02 / Jul 20, 18 20:43 UTC
Part of the community is connecting on facebook, but nevermind I use DISCORD too and a bunch of Asgardians know already how to use it :)
Jul 5, 02 / Jul 20, 18 17:55 UTC
Count yourself in ;) What channel do you prefer? I am fond of Telegram, but as long as it is not Facebook I am open for anything :) (yes I dislike Facebook for personal reasons)
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Asg 25, 02 / Jul 12, 18 12:58 UTC
Brainfart #1a

Ok, my previous post didn't appear somehow,... great to start with,...

So will make a shorter version, before I loose it all again :D

Quick shoutout to Dirk, who has inspired me to post my brainfarts (accompanied by some random pics I took) here more ...

Asg 25, 02 / Jul 12, 18 20:13 UTC
Ye, i have same thoughts.
Asg 25, 02 / Jul 12, 18 20:04 UTC
"every opinion is important" <- I agree completely. On the other hand, in the forum a lot of opinions get lost (to me) because I get lost in the vast amounts of threads, which results in dead-end-threads. Giving the forum a lifeless feeling. Sometimes I wonder how many ghost-Asgardians are ...
Asg 25, 02 / Jul 12, 18 20:01 UTC
I do type some things in Notepad, but I end up adding things in the heat of the moment :) Not all my thoughts have to be archived ;) I like to brainstorm the most crazy things, if something comes out of that that has potential (just an idea still, ...
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Asg 8, 02 / Jun 25, 18 10:53 UTC
Just so you know why I reached out to you,...

Sorry if I am friending you out of the blue. I am just checking if real networking can be done through the forum alone. My process of selecting you: I am a Belgian living in the Czech Republic, that should explain the biggest selection process :) Secondly: I at ...

Asg 25, 02 / Jul 12, 18 13:05 UTC
Mijn Frans gaat niet verder dan 2 jaar middelbare school :D and feel a little more secure with English...been away from the Netherlands too long I guess. Was just curious really ^^
Asg 25, 02 / Jul 12, 18 12:59 UTC
Dutch, but have no big problems with French either. Although in typing maybe *inserts a non-existing pensive emoticon*
Asg 25, 02 / Jul 12, 18 12:56 UTC
Use word or something for big posts, then copy paste ;p btw what's your native language? Dutch or French?
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